This unique and specific technology is extremely effective and becomes more and more popular around the world over time. Due to the wide range of applications, many companies already prefer it to the traditional methodology. It completely changes the vision of the standard repair, which requires much more time, labor, materials and resources to achieve the same result.

The repair method is chosen depending on the type, size and location of the damage. Mechanical, thermal or vacuum action can be applied to the metal sheet. Also, in the case of hard-to-reach places, such as columns, beams, cavities, an adhesive system is used. In many cases, the methods are combined for better effect.




1What is PDR?

This is a new technology for straightening dents in the body without having to repaint the damaged parts.

2What types of damage to the sheet metal are subject to impact?
  • Hail damage
  • Voluntary or involuntary deformations
  • Careless parking
  • Side detail pits
  • Damage from fallen branches, drifts, balls, or other items.
3In which case can it be applied?
  • When the paint is not damaged - scratched, peeled, abraded
  • The car is at max. 15 years - the varnish of older cars is not elastic and cracks during processing
  • Careless parking
  • No sharp edges from breaking on the sheet
  • The detail is with factory paint - no other materials have been applied on it.